Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island is famously owned by Richard Branson and is situated in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.  Barefoot luxury, as exclusive as it gets…

necker island

If you’d like the whole place to yourselves then hiring Necker Island exclusively is the way to go. What’s included? Nearly everything!

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Exclusive hire includes use of the Great House with eight bedrooms and one master suite sleeping a total of 18 guests. There is also a bunkroom that can accommodate up to six additional children. Further accommodation is in the six Balinese-style houses dotted around the island each sleeping two guests in each house.

Kids stay in the super-equipped Bunk Room at the Great House which is full of toys, books and video games. They have cots, baby baths and other baby essentials available on request. Babysitting is provided at an additional cost and staff can arrange activities such as treasure hunts or beach Olympics.

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Dinner at the Great House is a revelation with a variety of themes to make each night unique. Meet at the bar for cocktails and head up to the roof terrace where dinner will be served while you watch the sun set – your every request is catered for…

…And so it should be, with exclusive island rates starting from $65,000 per night (only $2167 per person per night if taking 30 guests!) Necker Island is maybe a dream too far for most of us, but for those lucky few that can afford it, go on and enjoy…!!!


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