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My name is Natalie Ford and for the last 7 years I have run my own business. My background was as a mortgage consultant but when I had my children, I found it increasingly difficult to manage work and life at home. Most of my wages went on child care and I felt constantly stressed and guilty for not spending more time at home with my children. I decided something had to change but couldn’t find anything that would pay me full time income for part time flexible ‘family friendly’ working hours.





7 years ago I started working alongside a global health and well being company, initially alongside my job and very very part time in the small pockets of time that I had. Within 8 months I had replaced my full time income even though I was still only working 10-15 hours each week so I decided to give up my job and focus on my own business. I have never looked back, I now work the hours that suit me and earn more than when I was working full time and best of all I love what I do. I work with an amazing team of people with all kinds of different backgrounds. The training and support that I have received has been invaluable as I had no experience at all.


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I am now looking to help others to achieve their goals. Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you and your family to change your lifestyle for the better. A year from now you may well wish you had called me today….. My natural healthcare business is expanding. do you know anyone who is honest, ethical and would be interested in a change of career or a secondary income? Ask them to call Natalie Ford on 01902 741811 or email for further information.

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