My Mummy Says, Justine Smith and Angie Stevens

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The first title in a new series about special relationships in the lives of little children. Beautifully illustrated, warm and humorous in tone, the simple story is about a chance encounter, making new friends and the very special relationship that exists between mummies and their children.

A soft and gentle take on family life and relationships that perfectly captures the humour and impulsive nature of family life, and those people who hold a special place in the lives of every child.

Publisher: Campbell Books, Jan 2014

Reviewer: Bryony Stebbings

My Mummy says is a lovely book about two Mummies, one with a little girl and one with a little boy and their separate trips to the beach and chance encounter with each other.

It is simple and charming, ideal for small children. I liked how it highlighted the differences between the families and how honest it was. Being a mummy I have had my chance encounters where you meet complete strangers and because of the children have an instant connection.

Organised, spontaneous, playful or kind everyone is different. I am definitely the mummy who says ‘I think I know where we are!’ but what it all boils down to is the love shared between parent and child.

The text flows beautifully and it is a pleasure to read. It is wonderfully illustrated by Angie Stevens. The padded hardback copy was a delight to my little boy, he enjoyed turning the pages and squeezing the cover.

I will be reading this one to him for some time to come;  no doubt it will be chewed and thrown, but it will certainly be enjoyed and will probably force me into several trips to the beach! I shall be keeping an eye out for My Daddy Says as that is bound to be just as lovely.

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