Mum – It’s getting hot in here!

Us Brits are known for talking about the weather, we are often found complaining when it is too cold, too wet or finally, too hot! We just are not geared up for this kind of extreme weather! Public transport gives up, there is no such thing as air con in many offices and certainly not in homes and no amount of lolly pops or children’s paddling pools are going to cut it when that heat tips the 30’s!

So as we sit in our synthetic covered chairs, sweating imagine how our little ones are feeling too, either in school in synthetic clothes on plastic chairs, or at nursery or home wondering what is going on as we are constantly trying to make them drink water!

We would love to hear what top tips you have for keeping yourselves and your little ones a little bit cooler in this wonderful / horrible heat wave!

Here are some of our tips:

The obvious one – keep hydrated! If you are out and about be sure to take water with you especially on public transport, no matter how short your journey. All it takes is a buckled track and that 10 minute journey could take a lot longer!

Wear cotton – keep clothes light and comfy and non-synthetic. This should help keep you cooler.

To keep the house cool, keep the curtains closed. I know it seems like such a shame when the weather is so glorious but when it comes to bedtime if you have kept the curtains upstairs closed the sun won’t have streamed in turning your room into an oven!

Let the air flow, get doors and windows open as much as you can and get the fan going to circulate the air too. It may still feel hot but it will help!

Eat little and often rather than large meals. Also avoid high protein meals and why not try curry or spicy foods these are supposed to help cool you down!

A cold flannel can be great to keep the kids cool, for grown up a water spray or cooling spritz spray can help to feel a little cooler. If you are planning on going out somewhere for the day, the night before wet flannels, roll them up, put them in the freezer overnight and then take them out with you in a plastic bag so you can then take them out when you need to cool down.

Protection – Be sure to wear sun cream and a sun hat when you are out in the direct sunshine, I know a tan is lovely but make sure you stay safe!

Running your wrists under the cold tap can help to cool you down throughout the day.

For bedtime take a cool (not cold as your body then tries to heat up when you get out making you hotter) bath/shower before slipping into light cotton nightwear and just a sheet on the bed. If everything is light and ready and calming it should have the same effect on you.

Ladies ditch your usual moisturiser and try after sun or aloe vera for the cooling effect on your skin.

For a little one at bedtime why not wrap an ice pack (from your picnic cool bag) in a cloth and let them go to bed with this. They can cuddle it or use it when they need to. Alternatively a flannel works as well, although can make the bedding, child and teddy bears a bit soggy!

We hope you enjoy the glorious weather but make sure you stay safe and don’t forget to share your top tips with us here at Mojomums, email or comment below.


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