Moving with children

If you’re planning on moving house, whether it is internationally or relocating within the UK, it can be a very daunting and scary experience for your children. Although, it doesn’t have to be; there are certain procedures you can take to make the process as straightforward for them as possible.

Moving can create a lot of stress for you and your family so it is vital that you choose the correct removal company that is going to make the move go forward as smoothly and hassle free as possible. For many children, whatever age, moving house is difficult as it means leaving friends, memories and familiar places behind. There are many things that you, as a parent, can do to ensure that your children are happy in your new home:

Getting your children involved

It is important to make your children feel as involved as possible whilst moving house, as after all, it is just as much their house as yours. You want your children to be just as happy as you are in your new house, so, take the time to listen to them and identify what their thoughts and fears are about the move. Discuss their feelings and ensure them that you have taken their needs into consideration. You can even involve them in the packing process, they may even enjoy it. For younger kids, it may be a good idea to let them pack a ‘treasure box’. Give your child their own packing box that they can decorate with stickers and pens, and use for their favourite possessions. Take it in the car with you instead of putting it in the removal van, so they can keep it close, and feel in control about one aspect of the move.

Take a Trip to the New House

It can take children a long time to adjust to new surroundings, therefore before the move it might be a good idea to take your children to visit their new house. This way, your children can familiarise themselves with the new location. Let them have a look at their new bedroom so that they can get excited about their arrival and plan where all their toys will sit in the new room. It could also be an option to help them to start thinking about decorating their new room, to make it feel like their own straight away.  Although, sometimes a trip to your new home may not be possible, and if this is the case, then take lots of photos of your home and the location it is situated in, so that your children gain a greater understanding of where they will be living.

Get your children excited

Leaving home can mean that your kids may be leaving a lot of memories behind; therefore it is important to get them excited and ensure them that many new memories can be built in your new home. Research the area where you’ll be living with your children and discover adventurous places where you can go together as a family.  Get them excited by signing them up to extra-curricular activities and perhaps visiting their new school, ensuring them that they will make lots of new friends and new memories.

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye to friends is probably the hardest part for your children, so it is important that you let them say goodbye to their friends properly. Throw a goodbye party and invite all of their friends. Encourage them to give out their new address to their friends and for those that are teenagers remind them that they will constantly be able to contact their friends through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Written for Mojomums by guest writer Chloe Hashemi – if you have any ideas of how to settle your children into a new home then please let us know…

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