Mother’s Day Mayhem!

How do you manage your time on Mother’s Day when you have four sets of mums to visit, as well as enjoying the day yourself?!

With so many of us coming from divorced families, I am sure I am not the only one who is in this predicament…

My parents divorced when I was young & when I met my now husband, whose parents also split when he was young, any special occassion days were now divided by four!

Christmas is usually spent in rotation & spread over at least three days.  Birthdays are easy, no one overlaps! For my childrens birthday, we have a family party at home, all invited!  But Mother’s Day…well, its just the one day & we feel it is important to try to see all the mums on that day, even if its just for a quick cuppa

So our day looks something like this; breakfast at home with hubby & boys then head out to my husbands mum, who luckily is an early riser!   Cup of tea & catch up with her, then on to my husbands step-mum.  Maybe have a bite to eat with her (& all the siblings on this side of the family!) then, in past years, we would have headed to see my mum… My mum actually past away 8 years ago, so now I will head to the cemetery to lay some flowers & have a quiet moment to myself…Then back on the road for dinner with my step mum, joined by my sisters & brother & all of their families too!

By the time we are home again, having covered many miles, seen numerous brothers & sisters, & drunk copious cups of tea, I will be exhausted!  So much for Mother’s Day being a quiet, relaxing affair!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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