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Here at Mojomums we have been discussing our thoughts on Valentine’s Day – is it just a commercial rip off or a day to make your loved one feel extra special?  We asked a few friends for their opinions…

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Sally – I think Valentine’s Day provides a good opportunity for couples to have an excuse to be romantic, but after 10 years of marriage it isn’t as important as it used to be. My birthday falls the day before, and I would rather celebrate that given the choice. I do like to buy gifts for the kids from my husband and I to show them how much we love them and for us I guess Valentines has become more a family affair!

The worst present I could receive is underwear! Please do not buy me underwear! It’s something that I should buy for myself ! After 5 kids it needs to hold me in the right place, lift me in the right places!

We don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day – its not that we don’t care, its that we put more importance into other occasions now.


Katie – I like Valentine’s day; I think it’s nice for those in relationships and also gives singletons (like myself) hope that your secret admirer, if there is one, will come forward!

I once gave a partner a maple tree as the leafs were heart shape and thought the tree would grow more like our love rather than flowers that die within a week; the tree is now dead and so is our relationship!


Debbie – I used to think Valentine’s Day was great fun when I was younger (getting mysterious cards, etc) – now I’m older with a family I just think it’s a commercial event.  This year there are no plans made by me – but my other half is a “soppy romantic” at heart – so I never know!

I will buy my partner a card… as he would feel unloved if I didn’t and he’ll get me one! I definitely wouldn’t want to receive any sexy undies, romantic gifts, etc

When we got engaged on 15 February 7 years ago, I discovered that we were supposed to have got engaged on 14 February…After a lovely romantic meal in a local restaurant I’d had far too much champagne and my partner decided to hide the ring down the side of the sofa rather than propose! I think I’m glad – in hindsight I would always find it cringeworthy to have got engaged on 14 Feb… and 15 Feb has a story attached to it….


Stacey – I’ve been with my partner for 18 years and am not in the slightest bit interested in Valentines’s Day! For our 1st Valentine’s Day, my husband took me to see a Watford v Luton football match.  Anyone who knows anything about football will know the rivalry between them and how horrendous their matches are!


Amanda – I have to say I have never been that into Valentine’s day. I will buy my hubby a card but we are both a bit rubbish when it comes to romance. Our anniversary falls on 20th Decemeber so we never go out to celebrate as all restaurants are full of Christmas parties, hotels are full of events and when it comes to Valentine’s Day we kind of feel the same. My husband does often come home with flowers for me though and he is the cook in our house, so I haven’t got it too bad all year round really!


What are you thoughts and plans – romantic meal for two or just a normal Friday night in front of the TV…???



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  1. Tina says:

    This year I’ve been quite interested in people’s Valentine’s plans, I think this is because I’m in a new relationship having been single for a VERY long time! (We met nye although we had a date aged 16yrs, quite a few yrs ago!) My little brother is cooking a 3 course meal for his girlfriend of nearly 5yrs, my dad is going away for the weekend with his fiance and my current employers are off out for a meal so looks like lots of people do celebrate still. I’m off to see Ghost at the Rex and I know we’ve got each other a few little gifts… I can’t wait!

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