Mojomums Emporium


The place to be for mums that do…


What is Mojomums Emporium?


A place where you can advertise your business to our growing number of website visitors and members.

A shop front that leads straight back to your own website or facebook page.


The reason

We want to help mums help each other in their quest for a work/home life balance. Many mums are now running successful businesses be it from home or an office / shop / gym / studio and we want to provide a place for you all to showcase your talents.


How will it work?

Mojomums Emporium will have a dedicated section within our site and will officially launch in autumn 2014. Mums will be able to have a shop window in our site to promote their business. The Emporium will enable you to advertise your skills to potential customers and lead them straight back to your own website or facebook page.


Mums love to buy and support other mums and we will be providing our members and website users with a one stop place to supporting other mums. We also believe that the products and services being made and offered by mums are unique and high quality – what better place to shop.


The benefit to you

Emporium members will get a ‘shop window’ within a relevant category on our site. We will be running a PR campaign that covers the lead up to the launch and continues thereafter. We will include our emporium members in our newsletters and advertorial opportunities will be given.

Mums generally want to help other mums, our Emporium will provide a unique place to do that.



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