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I’m Carolynne, I’m the newest member of the Mojomums team so I thought I’d write this first post to introduce myself properly.

You might remember me from just over a year ago when I became the first ‘Mojomum of the Month’ – a brand new feature that was running at the time here on the Mojomums website. The idea was to blog every day (or as much as I could) about my daily life. Sound boring? That’s what I thought, but Mojomums is an online community about Mums, especially those who want to return to the workplace, and for Mums. This new feature wanted to focus specifically about Mums who were thinking of returning to work, and we all like to be nosy and read about what other people get up to in their everyday life don’t we?!

Fast forward 15 months and here I am, very happy and excited to be getting my Mojo back after being a stay at mum for many years and joining the Mojomums team!

I am a very busy mum of four children. A 15 year old boy, an 8 year old little girl and 4 year old identical boys. Quite an age range which can make parenting very difficult at times as they all have very different needs!

I have been a stay at home mum for the majority of the time although I did return to work briefly after having my eldest, working as a PA, gave up, completed a Legal Secretary course and returned to work again when he started school. I then left completely when I was pregnant with my little girl and haven’t worked since, apart from a few little hobbies/projects at home which includes writing my own blog for almost a year.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a stay at home Mum and I’ve relished being able to spend all my time with my children, I appreciate that we’ve been in a position that has allowed me to be at home with them. I love the school holidays and having my children with me 24/7…. am I mad I hear you say?!!

I’ve long since forgotten about the world of work as I’ve been consumed in a world of nappies, school runs, tanturms, twins and more recently, teenagers! It’s tough being a stay at home mum at times, especially mentally and there have been many a time I longed for the escape of an office job and adult company! But not enough to have contemplated leaving my kids.

Until now.

Now that my youngest are at school I feel very lucky to have been offered this part time job here at Mojomums, where I will be looking after the social media marketing and (along with other members of the team) updating the website, writing some posts and blogs, and dealing with PR; which is a far cry really from what I was doing pre children but I’ll tell you all about how I came to this role in another post!

Carolynne x

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