Miranda’s Shadow, Kitty Fitzgerald

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Best known for her novels, Kitty Fitzgerald is also an accomplished short-story writer. Miranda’s Shadow, her debut full collection, brings together a series of provocative, richly conceived stories – Just what is Alice Noonan’s secret? And who is the strange wino with the voice of an angel? And why does nobody go in or out of the Faulkners’ house? These are tales of temptation, suspicion and murder – from savage fairies to the photographer who saw too much.Publication Date: 21st May 2013

Publisher: Iron Press
Reviewer: Natalie Moreland

Miranda’s Shadow forms Kitty Fitzgerald’s debut collection of short stories, following on from a string of successful novels and stage plays. The collection is varied, intriguing and compelling, with each story having a distinctly different ‘edge’ to distinguish it from the others; whilst some are fantastical and draw on Kitty’s Irish folklore heritage, others are rooted firmly in the gritty realities of the here and now. All, however, seem to follow one similar thread: namingly the overlooked members of society. From elderly farmers, to working class family struggles, to young men rehabilitating themselves after homelessness and even foreign, ‘caged’ orphans, Fitzgerald gives a resonating voice to them all.

The short story nature of Fitzgerald’s book makes it a prefect read to have by the sofa, to read as and when you can on a busy day, or to indulge and browse through a plethora of interesting tales in just a couple of sittings. My personal favourites included ‘The Knowledge’, ‘Caged’ and ‘The Instrument Bar’; three stories with vastly different topics but all captured beautifully in Fitzgerald’s colourful prose.  Despite not a regular short-story reader, I found this a refreshing break from longer novels and I will definitely be recommending it to my friends!

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2 Responses to Miranda’s Shadow, Kitty Fitzgerald

  1. Jamie Gibson says:

    Only just read this book and I loved the variety in the stories. Sometimes collections of short stories are quite same in subject matter and style but this was excellent at changing the tone and consistently surprising me. More like this please.

  2. Marjorie ERICKSEN says:

    This book is a lot more than this. The shadow is more than just a character in the book. It defines Miranda herself.

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