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What if all the conspiracies we have heard about are not theories but facts? Westminster. The day after tomorrow. A new political party has come to power, out of nowhere, and has made enemies of the rich and powerful – ‘shadow people’ connected to financial and corporate conglomerates, and perhaps even royalty. Ray Grady, a former talk show icon, has the charisma to lead this new force to the House of Commons and stop the nation descending into anarchy. There’s just one minor complication… Ray has just been assassinated, and all hell is about to break loose if the public finds out. A scientific genius has a way to reanimate this now-deceased Prime Minister, but the risk of exposure of the plan could lead to the wrecking of the country’s fragile stability.

Publisher: Matador, Oct 2014

Reviewer: Jim Murdoch

Not at all what you would expect from a political thriller. Reluctant at first, I was quickly thrown into an assassination conspiracy before I had time to breathe. The book was exciting, tense and even educational. Author Alex:G brings to life what can be the only way a new party could possibly compete and even win against the old parties in British parliament.

The main character is Ray Grady, a former talk show host. He finds out information that others have been too afraid of publicising, then by informing the nation he throws his entire television career into jeopardy. With the country on his side and the media against him, he begins a new political party and becomes prime minister. Grady is then assassinated and the risk to the country if the public find out are lethal, it becomes up to his advisers to pull off a miracle. If your a fan of television shows; House of Cards, West Wing or even Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series, then this is a must read for you.

With a general election coming in the next few months, there isn’t a better time to bite into ‘Mindful’ and suck up some juicy politics.

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  1. Mel Slama says:

    Loved West Wing. Sounds like a good read!

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