Meet Suzanne, Guest Mojomum…


Meet Suzanne, our guest Mojomum for February. Suzanne lives in Watford with her two beautiful boys, husband Henry and her two cats. Working part time and stay at home mum the rest of the time Suzanne will be blogging, reviewing and telling us what she thinks of all things mojomums…








Name: Suzanne Overhead

Age: 30

Kids: 2 Billy 5 louie 2

Partner: Henry

Are you a working mum? Part time

What did you do before you had children? Customer service adviser for an accountancy service

Whats your favourite food? burger and chips

What makes up your favourite day?  Shopping lunch and a good bottle of red

What your favourite tipple? red wine / barcardi and coke

What would be your dream job? Be a midwife


Where do you do your food shopping? everywhere

Do you diet? Yes

If so which one works for you? weight watchers

Bath or Shower? bath

Best present you have ever received? my purple and green bike when I was 13! Kindle and Pandora bracelet

Strict parent or a push over? strict

Best piece of parenting advice you’ve been given? Believe in yourself

Are you a school gate gossip or drop and run mum? Gossip!

Do you bath your kids daily or less frequently? Less frequently


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