Maternity Clothes Shopping


So I am getting bigger by the second – or so it feels – things ache in places I didn’t know existed and I can’t find any of my maternity clothes that were put “safely” in the loft from first time round!


I have tops that I can get away with but bottoms are a struggle (I have been living in leggings and dresses with tights!). I have 1 pairs of maternity trousers which I got in the next sale online on Boxing Day and this weekend I thought I would go shopping for jeans/trousers and dresses. Now I am a massive shopper I love shopping it is my favourite pastime and I can shop for anything clothes, shoes, food, other people – I just love it! So the prospect of buying some new clothes even though I am not feeling particulalry good about my growing size, made me very excited!


So where do you go to get good maternity clothes? Where I live the Mama’s and Papa’s and Mothercare are out on different retail parks, so I thought I would go into my local Intu shopping centre and go to shops like Next, M&S, John Lewis I thought I was bound to find something…… I was wrong!


M&S do bra’s – which were very useful although I do object to paying £30 for 2 bras that although they do have a bit of lace and aren’t as ugly as I remember in about 14 weeks time (OK maybe a bit after too!) I will never wear them again! So two bra’s purchased onto clothes – oh no they don’t do a maternity range!

John Lewis again do maternity lingerie but don’t stock marternity wear in store only online.

BHS stock bra’s but not in my store and they do not stock maternity clothes at all.

Next no longer stock maternity wear in store – only online!

River island – No maternity

H&M – where I got a lot from last time round – no longer stock maternity in my store – they do in their larger and flagship stores!

New Look – Hooray One shop in  the whole of the Intu shopping centre that actually stocks maternity! It has a good range in my local branch and isn’t too expensive either! Unfortunately no jeans in my size in the right style but a lot I could have brought had I been not so set on getting a pair of jeans!


So then feeling rather deflated I take a trip to the local retail park. Firstly a trip to Mothercare, I tried on a pair of jeans and it looked like I was expecting a flood! I am fairly tall 5ft 7in and wear long in Next trousers but I didn’t think I was THAT tall! You would have needed to be under 5 ft I think for this particular pair of jeans to fit, they don’t do any sort of longer leg and if I am honest a lot of what they did stock wasn’t exactly my sort of style anyway!


Final trip to Mama’s and Papa’s where I found a gorgeous pair of jeans that are long enough and in the sale for £15. Success at last and one purchase made!


So my day didn’t end up being as bad as it could have been! But really just because I am pregnant that does not mean I want to internet shop – I am not a fan as I am not one size, I like to touch and feel clothes and internet shopping doesn’t do it for me! I have not lost all sense of style so I don’t want frumpy clothes that do not fit well and are too short! Surely there must be some shops out there that are worth a shopping trip to?


Help me I’m pregnant not devoid of any sense of fashion!!!!!!

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