Mamma Mia – A must see show!!

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mamma mia

My nearly 11 year old daughter and I had the best time watching the matinee performance of Mamma Mia last Thursday. I watched the show many years ago and did have a fleeting worry that it wouldn’t be the same and that maybe the tech mad youth of today may not get the music, but seeing my daughters face light up just minutes in I knew she loved it!  We were both carried away by the songs through the storylines. The humour of the show and the feel that the cast are all family continues to the end and I found myself looking forward to bits of the show I had forgotten.

I cried, laughed and danced and wondered why it has taken me so long to go back!

As part of the review, my daughter was given the opportunity to interview the actors that play Sophie and Sky after the show, we were very excited and intrigued to see what it’s really like to be in a west end play so we headed to a room and I have to admit to being really excited to ask them all about the show having just seen it.


THE INTERVIEW by Evie Overhead


I was really lucky to get to interview the female and male leads in the play, Sanne Den Besten who plays Sophie and Richard Carson who plays Sky. I loved the show and was really excited to meet them and find out what it is really like being in a west end show.

Both Sanne and Richard were really friendly and welcoming and you can tell they are fun too and love what they are doing. These are the questions that I asked them both:


How long have you both been in Mamma Mia?

They told us that they have both been in the show for only 6 weeks and will do a whole year. This really surprised me as I thought they had been doing the show for ages they were so good.


How long were the rehearsals for the show?

They told me that they rehearse for 5 weeks full time before the first show.


How many show do you do a week and do you get any time off?

They do 8 shows a week including two matinees with Sunday as a rest day. They are allowed 5 weeks holiday in the year and they each have 3 covers to fill in when they are off.


If you could play a different character who would it be?

Sanne said she would love to play Donna (her mother in the show) although she thinks that it would be really fun to be Rosie too and get to do ‘take a chance on me’ scene.

Richard said he would play either Sam (potential Dad) or Pepper as he has a funny dance routine.


What is your Favourite song in the show?

Sanne said hers was ‘Slipping through your fingers’, but also loves ‘Name of the game’ and ‘Honey honey’, she said she thinks her favourite songs will keep changing as the year goes on.

Richard said he loves ‘Take a chance on me’, it’s near the end and great fun.


Did you like the Abba music before you joined the show?

They both said that although it was before their generation they knew it and knew it was fun music. Doing the show made them you realise how popular it is and how catchy. It is definitely good mood music!


How do you make sure that each show has the same energy?

It is tiring especially the finale but you remember that the audience is different and it’s their first time of watching it and you want everyone who watches it to see the best show they can. Different audiences have different reactions and it keeps it exciting too.


Did you always want to be an actor / actress?

Richard said that he didn’t, it wasn’t until he did his first play at school at 16 that he decided to make a last minute application to drama school. He was bought up to be very sporty and it wasn’t something that he thought about at all.

Sanne has been singing her whole life and always wanted to go into this type of work and worked hard to follow her dreams.


We chatted for a while with the cast afterwards, they were really encouraging to Evie and both such lovely people. It is very clear that they love what they do, love the cast and the show and that certainly comes through on the stage.

We wanted to thank them for their time between performances to talk to us and it really was the icing on the cake



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