Makeover Your Garden with These 6 Easy Steps

A messy, unloved garden might look like a tough challenge. Rather than closing the door and trying to ignore the chaos, you should make 2019 the year you transform your garden for the better.

While it might seem like a big challenge, a few little tweaks and a little bit of hard work will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space come rain or shine. Find out how to makeover your garden with these six easy steps.

  1. Create a Bright Green Lawn

If your garden is looking tired and unkempt, you have two options to choose from to create a bright green lawn: seed or turf. If you have chosen seed, it is best sown between April to May or in September. However, turf can be laid in your garden at any point in the year, but the ground must not be wet with mud or frozen. Before you seed or turf your lawn, you’ll need to fork, rake, trample, and re-rake the ground, and you must dig any rooted weeds that could emerge.

  1. Tame Overgrown Plants

The next thing you must do is tame your overgrown plants. First remove any sick, dead or overgrown plants, which can detract from your exterior design. You could even move a plant from one location to another in the garden, but you’ll need to keep the roots intact to ensure effective replanting. You could also tame them throughout the seasons with either clippers, tree trimmers, or hedge trimmers.

  1. Welcome Nature into Your Garden

Add interest and life into your garden by welcoming nature. For example, a bird feeder will ensure many birds drop into your outdoor area. You could also invite bees into your space by planting hyacinth, wild lilac, zinnias, sedum, and more. However, if you’re looking to enjoy more permanent life in your garden, turn to Water Garden for help create a fish-friendly pond.

  1. Add Some Warmth with a Fire Pit

To add a touch of style and luxury to your garden, install a fire pit onto your patio. You can guarantee you and your partner will love to cosy up together by the fire on a dark evening, and it will help you to extend a BBQ once the sun goes down. You’ll never want to go back indoors.

  1. Buy Some New Plant Pots

If your current plant pots are looking a little worn, make your way to your nearest garden centre for some trendy new designs. For example, pick colourful pots that will make your garden appear more vibrant, which is a must if you’re not planting colourful flowers into a pot.

  1. Remove Your Rubbish

This tip might seem obvious, but it is one problem that can easily crop up in your garden. If you want to maintain a beautiful space, remove old leaves, fallen branches, or unwanted rubbish from your exterior. Walk around your garden once a week with a rubbish bag, so you can stay on top of any mess or clutter.

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