Majorca – A package holiday

It’s been a long time since I have been on a family package holiday! As a huge fan of America and having a car and being able to go where we want and do what we want, this trip to Majorca was bound to be different.


We flew to Palma and after a short transfer arrived at our hotel. It was a big impressive hotel that looked lovely we were checked in and got to our room quickly – which was plenty big enough and clean, so first impressions were great. We went and sat by the pool, then had dinner and as our 3 year old fell asleep sitting at the table, we went straight to bed and sat on the balcony listening to the rather loud music and played cards. The music stopped at 11 and it got quieter and then the light went out on the balcony so it was obviously time for bed!


The next day we went to the pool, we found out about the free bus service every day and we took a look around the 2 play grounds and mini golf, pool tables and table tennis table, thinking this place is going to be great. Then the entertainment staff arrived, now these guys were fabulous, lovely, spoke 4 languages, did mini club and mini disco I mean my daughter thought they were all the best thing since sliced bread. However whilst sitting on a sun lounger feeling rather vulnerable sucking it all in whilst in a bikini (It isn’t pretty!) I did not want to be spoken to, firstly, but secondly I do not want to be harassed into aqua aerobics, archery or darts! I just want to be left alone by the pool, to grab any 5 minutes I am not watching a 3 year old by the pool to shut my eyes or read my book!


Food was good although it got quite repetative and the food times were quite restricted. I think I am just a bit grumpy if I’m honest! But on holiday usually I love walking from sea front restaurant to sea front restaurant to choose when and where I want to eat. To chose which bar to sit in for a while to go for a nice walk between places and have options and choice. Our hotel was not in the main town so there were only a few shops nearby and then houses. There was one bar in our hotel and one restaurant so our choices were well, none really!


Evenings, so after dinner we would go to the bar for “mini disco” this involved one of the entertainment staff leading the kids around in a train or doing the “superman” song or hokey cokey. All the kid loved this and I have to say despite the repetative songs it was my favourite part of the day, to watch my daughter and lots of other kids from all different nationalities interacting and getting on was just fantastic. So mini disco would finish and then there would be “entertainment.” So we would watch an illusionist or a dancer or there would be a quiz or bingo, now to be fair they really tried and the entertainment staff were hilarious but if they had just done mini disco and then put some music on for the kids to dance and play I think evryone would have been happier!


So the bus, we did a couple of excursions into the town to look around the shops and cathedral which is beautiful. To the beach to sit around and do well not a lot really (Bliss – the quiet!!!!!!) This was our saviour the thing that kept me sane on our holiday, getting out and not being confined to my hotel complex even if we did have to be at the bus stop for the one bus to drop you in the morning and the one bus to pick you up in the late afternon! On the days we stayed at the hotel we did go for walks, pop into the local supermarket and down to the sea (we were high up though so we looked down a cliff to the sea!) So we did get out, but as I said there wasn’t a great deal to do locally.


So what did I really think of our package holiday. Chilling out in a nice hotel and having a lovely room was great, is it my dream holiday – absolutely not, but would I do it again….. I have to say for my daughter yes! I would have loved a villa to chill out and relax in but Bethany really enjoyed interacting with the other kids, making friends, the entertainment staff and mini disco so for her sake I would do it again. God help me!

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