Lucy’s Mother’s Day








Here at Mojomums head office we have been talking about our Mother’s Day and how we would like to spend the day. So here’s Lucy’s ideal Mother’s Day and what will actually happen!


10 Steps to my ideal Mother’s Day.


1) After having a lie till 10am and to be woken by the husband and children with breakfast of smoked, salmon and scrambled eggs and fresh coffee.

2) Open a lovely card from my children with a drawing from both of them and receive a lovely bunch of flowers.

3) Have a relaxing bath using all my lovely bath potions that I don’t get a chance to use.  Light a scented candle and read a book.  Actually have time to exfoliate and put body lotion on.

4) Come downstairs and find that the kitchen is tidy and that my children are playing nicely together.

5) Be taken out for lunch with my parents and enjoy a tasty meal with a couple of glasses of wine.

6) After lunch we all go for a walk into Cassiobury Park with the sun shining and enjoy a lovely walk with the kids and my family.

7) After the walk the kids make me a cup of tea and we all settle down to watch a family film.

8) In the evening my husband makes a lovely afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes.

9) My husband packs the kids bags for school on Monday, makes sure all the homework is completed, diaries signed and prepare the pack lunches in advance for Monday.

10) My husband deals with all the cleaning and tidying of the house, puts two loads of washing on and hangs them up to dry.  My husband irons a dress for me to wear to work on Monday. My husband also deals with bath time with the kids leaving me free to read stories to them and be able play with them without being so tired!


10 Steps that actually happen on Mother Day.


1) I am woken by one of the children around saying Mummy it’s time to wake up I want my breakfast!

2) The kids make me breakfast usually tea and toast.

3) My husband takes the kids to Tesco to buy me a plant and a card as he always forgets every year to buy me a present. He also doesn’t like buying flowers as thinks they are a waste of money!

4) I have time for quick shower and get dressed.

5) I tidy up the kitchen and house as have been left in a mess by husband and children.

6) I cook Sunday lunch for both sets of parents, my husband and children.

7) After lunch all family settles down to watch a film while I clean up with the help of my Mum and Mother in Law.

8) In the evening I make supper for the kids and husband.

9) I pack the kids bags for school on Monday, make sure all the homework is completed; diaries signed and prepare the pack lunches in advance for Monday.

10) I put on 2 loads of washing, hang up to dry and make sure my husband has an ironed shirt to wear to work on Monday. I bath the kids and get them ready for bed.  I read the kids a story but don’t enjoy it as I’m so tired.  My husband makes a flip comment I don’t know why you are so tired as you only work part-time.

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