Lucca, Italy

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A few years ago my brother & his fiance decided upon Italy as the venue for their wedding.  They spent many an hour pouring over the internet looking for resorts & venues & after a weekend scouting visit chose the historical city of Lucca, Tuscany.  So in the sweltering July heat I found myself, along with nearly all of my extended family, on a BA flight to Pisa….

File:Piazza Anfiteatro Lucca 360.jpg

Lucca is only a short drive from Pisa (I managed to see the famous Leaning Tower from the taxi window!) but it feels like a million miles away from the slightly tacky tourist sight – beautiful chalky coloured buildings, magnificent squares filled with cafes & restaurants, shaded alleyways leading to secluded gardens, mountainous views from beyond the walled city….I think I was falling in love!

Lucca ia a perfect escape for a weekend without the kids – in just over 2 hours you can be enjoying an italian glass of wine (or two!) & watching the world go by.  Hotels & B&Bs are located within the city walls or just outside (make sure you remember the number of the Gate you are closest to – once inside the city the streets are higgledy-piggledy & you may struggle to find your way home!) & a couple of my personal favourites are La Romea (inside the walls) & B&B Angelini (outside the walls)


A suite at La Romea

Lucca is the perfect place to hold hands with your loved one over a candle lit dinner & remember what it was like to enjoy a long, slow, not rushed dinner affair….pre-children!  For dinner try seasonal, local, traditional italian food at restaurant Buca di Sant Antonio.  Not the cheapest of options but prepared to be amazed at the hearty feast offered to you!  Of course a slice of pizza while meandering the city is a must & there is no shortage of options for you (‘the best pizza ever’ my husband exclaimed – soon to be followed by ‘the best lasagne ever’, made as a gift by the 90 year old mother of the caretaker of the villa my brother held his wedding reception in!)

I would recommend a visit to Lucca during spring or autumn, summers are very hot in Tuscany & as your days are spent walking you will soon tire out in the 90+ degree heat….however there’s always a cool bar terrace to rest your tired feet…!!!


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