Love Hurts, Catherine Green

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The Cornish town of Redcliffe is a beautiful seaside resort. It has wild sea, rambling forests, mysterious cliffs, and a local powerful werewolf pack. Jessica Stone is blissfully happy running a bookshop with her best friend and business partner, Elizabeth Gormond. When Detective Jack Mason sweeps Jessica off her feet, she cannot understand the hostility towards him from her gay best friend Simon Bunce. Eventually Jessica realises that there is more to Jack Mason than meets the eye, and then she meets his identical twin brother, Danny. She is drawn into their dangerous lives by their enemy, a powerful werewolf determined to overthrow the pack leader. Jessica’s world is turned upside down as she discovers that all is not as it seems in this picturesque resort, and there are many painful lessons to be learnt about falling in love…

Publisher: Mirador, June 2014

Reviewer: Caroline Hammond

This is the first in what will be series of novels, which is always pleasing when you have enjoyed a novel as you know that more of the same is to come!

The book is a ghostly, vampire romp which will appeal to fans of the Twilight novels and films, as well as other vampire/werewolf or gothic novels such as a Discovery of Witches. Jessica, the lead character, has finally found contentment and a sort of home made family following a tragic childhood. She has the enviable time of living a pleasant life in a Cornish village and running a book shop with her best friend and confidant. Then, on a chance meeting in the local pub her life is turned on its head.   Romance and sexual attraction abound in this fast paced novel. The book moves on quickly with the story line with plenty of cliff hangers which, coupled with the short chapters, keep you turning the pages until the novel culminates in the climatic conclusion. Fans of the novel will be left wanting the next instalment in the series once they have reached the end of Love Hurts.

A fast paced romance, vampire/werewolf novel which will appeal to fans of that genre who will forgive and overlook the sometimes less honed passages of writing.


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