Loom Bands 101, Linda Shearing

Loom Band knitting is a hot craft for children and adults at the moment. Everyone enjoys being able to make their own jewelry and accessories such as rings, anklets, bracelets, chokers, wrist-bands, ear-rings, head-bands, belts, key-chains, charms and other patterns from brightly colored rubber bands. Some people even go crazy and make phone cases and clothing such as the person who put a loom-band dress made from 24,000 loom bands on eBay where bidding reached six-figures!

It’s not always possible to have access to an actual loom and even if you do have some looms, there are often more children than looms such as at parties and sleep-overs. Also, when you buy a bag of loom bands it comes with a hook and clips but not a loom, so a popular alternative is to use your fingers as a loom-substitute and make your own creations by hand on your fingers!

You can make many different designs and patterns using just your fingers. In this book we’ll teach you how to make three basic patterns just from loom band rubber bands… fishtail, inverted fishtail and dragonscale.

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