Looking forward to and dreading our holiday!

Girls 2

We have 2 weeks before we jet off to Florida. I booked this holiday a year ago and having taken my first daughter before her second birthday and her being an angel on the flight we booked to go this time with her as a nearly 5 year old and my youngest as a 15 month old. I got an amazing deal, however it means we fly Manchester to Miami rather than London to Orlando – so a 3 hour drive either end, but hey that will be fine won’t it?  We are staying in hotels either end, so not like we are doing long drives and long flights on the same day.

Anyway we got it all booked and organised and have been really looking forward to it, however…. My 15 month old has started to develop her own personality and to say it is opposite to my first daughter is an understatement. My first daughter would go to anyone, wasn’t clingy, was very independent and when she was told no, she actually took it seriously and even got upset at having done something wrong.  Jess on the other hand grins at you if you tell her off, will only come to me if she can see me and is so strong willed and determined that once she sets her sights on something there really is no stopping her.

So 3 weeks of sun, paddling pools, food and theme parks sounds like heaven. Taking a 15 month old seems like the most ridiculous thing I have ever planned!!! When I say determined I mean determined and when I think 9 hours on my lap being restrained,  I think dear God what on earth was I thinking am I an idiot?   I know keeping a 4 year old entertained for that period can be a challenge but with the I- pad, dvd’s, sticker books and figures to play with, along with a new magazine and a few treats that should do the job. As for Jess I am thinking, well to be honest I am panicking! How on earth am I going to persuade her to sit down for that long! I am taking a Tablet and downloading some Peppa Pig to it – I will take teddy and blanket,  a few toys and snacks, but I am really struggling for great ideas to keep her amused for any longer than 10 mins at a time!

I am also beginning to think about keeping her in a buggy at the parks and keeping her entertained in a restaurant for dinner as she hates a high chair! Then there are the shows and parades – will they hold her attention or will we spend our entire holiday doing two separate things – one with Bethany and one with Jess? I’ll let you know how we get on but if anyone has any ideas of how to keep a small person entertained on a long flight I would love to hear from you! Any tips gratefully received!


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