Life is Reborn

This year sees one of our iconic bathroom staples, Johnson’s® Baby Shampoo, celebrate its 60th anniversary and to mark the occassion they have released a new TV ad (click here to view) – I challenge any of you not to have a tear in your eye when watching!

johnson's baby

Johnson’s are asking mums and their families to share their favourite memory from the birth of the special bundle of joy in their life. Becoming a new parent can be magical for the whole family – and creates a whole new set of roles, such as dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle and grandparent.  We have asked a few special people to share their ‘magical memory’ with us…

Mojomum Kelly (Mummy of 2 year old twin boys) – An amazing moment was when I looked over at my husband who was holding both of the boys in his arms, while sat on the hospital chair next to my bed.  He was gazing at them with that unbeliveable joy that a new father has…

Mojomum Amanda (Mum of 3 year old Bethany and one on the way) There are so many to choose from! Watching her sleep for the first night! John looking so proud when he signed the birth certificate. Watching the men in my family hold her for the first time and knowing she already had them wrapped around her little finger! The list is endless she makes me feel so proud every day!

Mojomum Emma (Mum of Olivia 8 and Max 6) that first cuddle straight after delivery when you meet your baby for the first time. All the pain and months of discomfort vanish as you hold the most precious bundle of love that you have created.

We would love to hear from you about your special memory or your families; from when they heard the news, or how it made them feel – and the Johnson’s® Baby brand wants to hear yours by tweeting with #LifeIsReborn!


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