Life Insurance, Who Needs It??



Life Insurance, Who needs it??

As a single Mum, working hard to make ends meet, it wasn’t something I ever considered as:

·         I’m young, don’t need it

·         Need to spend my money on more important things

·         Maybe next year?

Then my Dad died (aged 63) with no life insurance – Mum and my brothers and sisters had to scrape together for the funeral expenses, buy the food, pay for the gravestone.  Mum was left trying to cope without his help and any financial assistance, which an insurance policy would have helped with and given her a little peace of mind.

A few years later on my ex-partner died, also with no life insurance and my two daughters (as his next of kin) were left to bear the cost of the funeral – amounting to several thousands of pounds.

I realised then that we DO need it – what if I had an accident and couldn’t work, or worse still died?  Who would help?  How would those we leave behind manage.

You need to be insured…..who knows what’s around the corner?… look at the recent disappearance of an airplane..the people on board were happily travelling to meet relatives and friends – these unexpected tragedies do happen and we need to ensure that those left behind can have assistance with any financial needs.

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