Lessons in Humiliation, Timothy Edward

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Henry Robson is suffering. He is a balding, failing actor living all alone in rural Dorset. When two choices present themselves, he inadvisedly selects both…Initially, a torrid affair seems to tick all the boxes, but any happiness derived from the liaison soon unravels when Henry, untrained as a teacher, accepts employment at a school run by a madman. Finding himself surrounded by specialists in humiliation – professional, public and private – will he learn his lesson? Follow the adventures and misadventures of this lovable but hapless rogue, a man all the more endearing for his weaknesses.

Publisher: Matador, Sept 2014

Reviewer: Sharley Phillips

This book is an a light hearted and humorous look at a failing actors life. The author seems to capture the true britishness of humiliation and how he can just carry on. The story just flows along and before you know it you’ve reached the end. I enjoyed all of the characters who all seemed to have their own quirks and hints of craziness.

This isn’t a book with a beginning, middle and end, it’s just the middle of a man’s story so don’t expect a happy ever after but do expect to have a laugh at his expense and enjoy the trials and tribulations of Henry, out of work actor, sort of teacher and looking for love.

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One Response to Lessons in Humiliation, Timothy Edward

  1. Julie Southern says:

    I think this would be a good book club book, cos’ having read it I wanted to talk about it with others, women particularly; I wanted to know whether others empathise with Henry, as I did, or whether some felt that Valerie did have the right to with-hold her favours if she felt like it; do others feel that the Piers character is believable, and was his comeuppance too harsh? And so on… Loved the book myself, made me laugh out loud so many times, loved the style of writing.

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