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Mojomums founder and reviewer Sally Overhead spent the day, with two of her children, Evie (7) and Marcie (3), at Legoland reviewing the experience for the Mojomums community who might be thinking of taking the family on a day out.

To see what Sally thought of her trip read her review below:


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best):  9

What did you enjoy most about the day?

Spending time with the kids and seeing them enjoying themselves.

What did your kids enjoy most about the day?

They loved the flume ride (because they got wet!) and the Submarine

What didn’t you or your kids enjoy?


If you could make one suggestion to the attraction to enhance your experience what would it be?

We would have purchased the Q – Bot ride reservation if we would have known about it! It was not advertised well and by the time we found out about it, it was too late to get as we were half way through a queue!

‘A Q-Bot allows you to reserve a place in a virtual queue line for your favourite rides without having to actually stand in line!’

Would you go back on another day or when the kids were older?


Was there enough to do for a whole day, or is it more of a morning or afternoon event?

All day – Could have gone for longer!

Are there things to do and see both indoor and outdoor or is this a weather dependent attraction?

It is very much an outdoor attraction. It is closed from 6th November for the Winter so it is weather dependent.

Any other comments that you would like to share?

I would suggest that people look into purchasing the Q-Bot. There are 4 different options however they are priced from £15 – £70! It would have been nice to be given the option on entry to upgrade for the Q-Bot or at least told about it.

It was a fun family day out and was quite clean, the only improvement I would suggest is to improve the quality of the food.


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best) 8

Have you been given all the information that you needed for the day including maps and programme of events or is there anything else that you would have like to receive?

I would have liked the Q-Bot information. Maps were available thought the park

Do you have to queue for long to get in, and was there anything to keep the kids amused whilst you are queuing?

We picked the first Sunday after the summer holidays as we thought it might be quiet. The park was very busy and the queues for the larger and what my children deemed ‘best’ rides were too long for us so we skipped these rides. We waited 40 minutes to go on the dinosaur train which lasted a few minutes. We did queue for one of the water rides, and although the kids got very bored with nothing to amuse them it was worth the wait.


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 10

Is the attraction easy to find/well signposted around local area?


Is the attraction easy to navigate around once you are inside?


Is there room to easily wheel a buggy (single, double or triple around)?

Yes – They do provide buggies – £10 for a single buggy or £20 for a double.

In your opinion is the attraction suitable for children of different ages regardless of the age restrictions advised by the attraction itself.


What is there for 0-2 year-olds?

Nothing really

What is there for 3 – 6 year-olds?

Lots! Too much to write down!

What is there for 6- 12 year-olds?

Quite a lot!

What additional costs are they when you are in the attraction?

Food and a photo for the driving license attraction

What day of the week did you visiting the attraction?


Do you find the volume of people at the attraction acceptable (i.e. to busy, empty, comfortable) and what is busiest time of the day?

It was very busy around 2pm and we went onto a ride and had to queue for an hour at lunchtime (we were hoping the queue’s  would calm down at lunchtime)

What is the average price range for items in the gift/souvenir shop?

There was a lot of variety and you can spend anything from £5 to £100 depending on what you are looking for.


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 6

Were the toilets clean?

They were acceptable however they could do with being upgraded.

Were there separate baby changing facilities? If so, were they clean and user friendly (e.g. sufficient space for buggies)


Were the toilets well located to the main attractions?

Yes – There were lots of toilets


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 5

Would you recommend the restaurant/refreshment facilities? What was there to eat for you and the kids?

No – the choice was not great and was very much burger’s and chips. Lots of sweets and ice cream stalls.

Was the food reasonable priced? What did you and the kids end up eating there?

The food was expensive like most other attractions. The choice was limited so we ended up having Burger’s etc.

Can you feed a baby there and are there facilities to heat baby food (e.g. microwave and bottle warmer)?


Is there a picnic area (indoors/outdoors)?



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