Leafy Lee and other bedtime stories, Zoe Cox

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Leafy Lee and Other Bedtime Stories is a collection of nine short stories especially written with a feel-good factor to help with a calm and happy night for the very young.

Publisher: Matador, Nov 2014

Reviewer: Klaudia Khan

Each of the stories is different: there is one about a little boy and his aunt’s magical tin; there is a story about a naughty dog and one about a leaf which falls from a great tree… Yet all the stories are similar in the sense that they are all heart-warming and relaxed, told in a simple language and telling a tale that even young children can easily understand and enjoy. There are no monsters hiding here, and the book really has the feel-good factor, which makes it a great bedtime read. Also, the stories are short enough to keep the attention of the preschoolers and short enough for the bit older kids to read by themselves.

I liked the book and its content, but I was a bit disappointed with the format: it came in paperback, and I prefer books for young children to be a bit sturdier. Also, while the illustrations are very cheerful and attractive, each of them comes at the end of the story, which might be a bit confusing for little children. Still it doesn’t prevent them from enjoying the reading.


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