Last day in the office!

Well this is it. The handover notes are written and printed out. My desk is tidy, my drawers are empty. Tomorrow really is my last day in the office for quite some time. It feels very strange! I have to say I am feeling huge and tired and in need of a lie in, so I am ready for some me time, but the thought of not coming to work every day is a strange concept!

Now I know once baby is here my feet won’t touch the floor for a good couple of months so I won’t miss it too much at first, but I’m not coming back until January and that seems like a very long time! I obviously will keep on letting you know how things are going and will pop into the office to see how things are (yes I know I am a little bit of a control freak – what can I say!) But still I don’t have to be up every day to be at work!

The thought of talking all things nipples and nappies does nothing for me,  I remember the playgroup chats from last time round of well mine can sit up at 3 months old, well mine can recite the alphabet backwards at age 2! I just wanted to scream it doesn’t matter it isn’t a competition! I did however also make some fabulous mummy friends too whom I could laugh with when this behaviour started and I have to admit there was occasions when I even caught myself bragging with the best of them!!!! I think being in that environment really changes you.

I wouldn’t want to miss my time off with this new arrival I am so looking forward to finding out all his/her little personality traits, and also spending more time with my 3 year old will be wonderful, picking her up from nursery will be great and be the first time since September that I have ever picked her up! I drop and my mum picks up, so there is lots to look forward to, but I do have to say right now it all just feels very alien to me!

So to all those Mojomums out there, working, looking for work on maternity leave or staying at home with their families. I hope you have a great Easter break, I can’t wait to keep reading what you are all up to on Facebook and twitter and on the site and I look forward to telling you all about this new arrival and how I am getting on at home “twiddling my thumbs” – he he! I wish!

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