Lascal Mini buggy board

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Reviewed by: Amanda

lamaze buggy 2

What they say:

All BuggyBoards are carefully designed to be safe, comfortable, fun and speedy, and you can be sure the Mini fits almost everything. However, the compact size of the BuggyBoard Mini make it look particularly good fitted to umbrella fold buggies and smaller pushchairs. Cheaper than the Maxi, it is also more likely to suit your pocket!

Compact and lightweight, the MINI now includes the easy-fit connector mechanism. an anti-slip platform, in-built suspension and a lift ‘n’ store hang up device.

No tools needed, the BuggyBoard Mini attaches to the upright tubing of a stroller or to the frame of a pram, where the width between uprights is 31 – 54cm (12″ – 21″). Connectors need to be fitted no more than 39cm from the ground.

The connectors are made to fit square, oval or round tubing with a maximum circumference of 22.5cm (9″). No wheel axle is required.

What We say:

My 3 year old rarely uses a buggy, but when I had my daughter suddenly she wanted to go in one again!  However I had my lovely new iCandy buggy and wasn’t about to get rid of it, so we looked into getting a buggy board. We looked at both the mini and maxi and decided that the little one should big enough. Bethany loves it! She really enjoys being on it and it solves the problem of needing a double buggy which would hardly be used!

lamaze buggy board 1

Before we purchased the buggy board!


There are a couple of downsides, you can’t hang the change bag on the buggy handle as that is where Bethany now stands and when the pram part of the buggy is on you need to lift that off to get to the change bag. Also you do kick it occasionally when walking so you find yourself stretching your arms out and walking a bit awkwardly, but if you are on a big path or shopping centre you can walk to the side and push which is nice and easy.

All in all I think it is a great purchase for us, it solves our problem of needing something for a tired 3 year old! It is also small enough to take off and put under the buggy if she doesn’t want to go on it.

Best bit:

Not needing a double buggy!

Worse bit:

Harder to manoeuvre than just the buggy especially on curbs but it really isn’t that bad at all!

Marks out of 10:



Lascal Buggy Boards can be purchased from many high street retailers including Mothercare

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