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Are you planning to make changes this year?  Maybe a lifestyle change?  Or raise money and awareness for a charity close to you heart?  Mum of one Caroline is doing just that, and having fun while she does….!!!

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For the whole of 2015 Caroline Jones is going to wear clothes brought or borrowed from her local Cancer Research charity store – and boy, has she got off to a flying start!

Her Facebook page (Knickers Models Own) already has over 4300 followers, she was the ‘top story’ on the Cancer Research staff website page this week, is featured on the BBC News website and by mid January had already achieved an amazing 32% of her £5000 target on her Just Giving page – Caroline has now upped her target to £10,000 and is over half way there!

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Caroline has caught the public’s imagination with her task – how many of us feel stuck in a rut when looking through our wardrobes and head to the high street or hit the internet for a quick shopping blast, only to wear that item maybe once or twice and then go back to that same ‘I have nothing to wear’ feeling?  I know I do this more often than I should.  I frequently move clothes around in my wardrobe and pass unwanted items to my local charity shop, but when was the last time that I actually went in to look for myself…???

When Caroline’s mum lost her battle with cancer late last year, she decided on her personal challenge for 2015.  Her mum had volunteered at Harpenden Cancer Research for over 13 years, so Caroline also volunteered there one day a week and the love that she already had for fashion grew and grew…and she has found so many amazing bargains along the way!

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It definitely helps that Caroline obviously has a real eye for fashion; a trend setter rather than a follower, we think, and Mojomums cannot wait to see some more of the looks that Caroline puts together this year…


To follow Caroline on Facebook click here and to visit her Just Giving page where she is raising money for Cancer Research click here.

For more information about the work that Cancer Research does click here.

For more information about how Mojomums may be able to help you raise awareness for your chosen charity click here.

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