Kid vs Paleontologist

GreatBeanBags™ created a project for children up to the age of 11 to get involved with their imagination and artistic skills in the crucial years of development. Hundreds of UK children were asked to draw their most imaginative dinosaur and they later used the top 5 designs for the project; Kid vs Paleontologist.

These dinosaurs were brought to life by paleontologist, Dougal Dixon, who told their scientific stories, depicting how they could have existed in prehistoric times.

“The dinosaur is called Polyosurussunyus Bananashaurus. She is a bit sad because she likes snow but it’s summer now. She has got a giraffe’s neck because I like giraffes. She is decorated with hearts and glittery shapes because she likes going to parties and likes decorations. She has so many legs because she likes to dance, dance, dance like me! The weather on this day is sunny but there are big storm clouds coming. There is a big puddle in the corner where the dinosaur likes to drink and get clean. The alien monkey up the tree is trying to make the tree fall over so he can get the coconuts but he’s going to make the tree fall down. The bird in the sky is circling, trying to see its prey.” Poppy, age 7.

Dougal says “It looks as though the Polyosurussunyus Bananashaurus is more of a crab/giraffe instead of a dinosaur! It lives on land and is disguised as a dinosaur to keep predators away. A long spine on one side of the shell looks like a head and neck, and a long spine on the other looks like a tail. It has many eyes, allowing it to see all around and watch out for danger. We have never found a fossil of this creature, as it lives far away from the sea or from the rivers – the places where dead animals tend to be fossilized.”

The Outcome: Could the Polyosurussunyus Bananashaurus be a crab in disguise? Poppy certainly doesn’t think so, but Dougal is less convinced how likely this giraffe-dinosaur hybrid was to exist. However, our paleontologist did assert that due to the location that the Polyosurrusunyus lives in, finding a fossil would be near impossible. We still think there’s hope for this glamorous looking creature but Dougal may have science on his side this time.

Dr Vicky Carré, GP in Family Medicine and Child Health, and mother of two says:

“Artistic expression is so important in the healthy development of young minds. It helps children with an enhanced understanding of a topic which is required to formulate the picture. Artistic expression focuses on the sensory experience and motor skills that go into making the picture become a reality on the canvas, and most importantly, it’s about the feel-good factor that comes with creating something unique.”

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