Kelly’s February looking forward to March

This month I have:


– had a silly, slightly drunken night out at a Chinese with the work ladies – karaoke style!

– & omg, suffered for it the next day! 😉

– been potty training & applying for nursery places – my babies aren’t babies anymore!

– been planning my garden makeover…well, a lot of dreaming involved

– been madly Pinning! My favourite hobby!

– looking for new hair products – my favourite curl cream was out of stock, so £££ spent trying to find its replacement!

– Made it through to season 4 of Breaking Bad – love it!


In March I am:


– counting the days down to our trip to Disneyland Paris!

– present planning – 9 birthdays to buy for! And then there’s Mothers Day too…

– hoping to get a few of the winter jumpers put away & bring out a few spring tops

– …so a trip to Bicester Village is planned with my bestie!

– pretty much booked up for every weekend in March! Dinner out with the girls, shopping trip planned, 3 birthday parties for the boys to go to, hubby away playing golf…think April needs to be a quiet month!


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