Kelly’s April…

This month I have:

  • Been to Disneyland Paris & had the best family holiday so far…!!!
  • Celebrated my boys 3rd birthday – where did those last 3 year go?!
  • Painted my toe nails for the first time since last year!  Keep it up sunshine, it’s nearly time for sandals!
  • Found out that the boys will be starting our first choice of nursery school in September
  • Treated myself to a pretty new floral top from Dorothy Perkins – just as well I wrote this piece though, as I tried the top on back-to-front in the shop! #couldhavebeenembarrassing
  • Finished two books on my Kindle – I love reading but struggle to find the time.  Now I’m turning my iPad off & reading a few chapters before bed – much more relaxing
  • Celebrated being with my husband for 18 years! Half of my life now! Wow!


In May I am:

  • Planning & booking my 2015 holiday!  It will be the first time we have flown with the boys & I can’t wait!
  • Having a few ‘me time’ moments; afternoon tea with the girls, a spa visit with my sister-in-law, a little shopping trip on my own – all of which I hope will help to keep me sane!
  • Waving goodbye to my mother-in-law & her partner as they are moving to the Kent coast – we will miss them dearly but look forward to making lots of family memories with trips to the beach
  • Busy at work with our Retraining focus month – have you changed career after having children?  We would love to hear your stories…
  • Dreading visiting the dentist!  I’m such a baby about things like this…
  • Planning to have a major wardrobe rehaul – out with the old, in with the new (well, in with the summer clothes from the loft at least!)

Have a great month!

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