Kelly March…I can’t believe its nearly April!

This month I have:

  • Applied for school nursery places for my twins – next month we’ll find out if they got in!
  • Been waking up at silly-o-clock & I can’t even blame the kids! Just can’t stay asleep! Actually looking forward to the clocks changing…
  • Been religously applying hand cream – goodbye chappy, dry mummy hands forever!
  • Finished Season 3 of Game of Thrones – just searching for a way to watch Sky Atlantic without having Sky in time for season 4 – any ideas anyone? Don’t think I can wait another year for the boxset!
  • Been out for a ‘date night’ with hubby – the first time in goodness knows how long! Lovely pub dinner…

the old mill

In April I am:

  • Planning another ‘date night’ with hubby!  Babysitting, anyone?!
  • Celebrating 3 years of being a mummy – yes, we’ve made it this far! Boys turn 3 in the middle of April…
  • …Off to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor as a birthday treat – watch out for a review coming soon
  • Going to start painting my toe nails again – it’s nearly sandal season so a few new colours are needed
  • Going to be scoffing Easter Eggs till I can’t eat any more!
  • Updating & refreshing my garden furniture – the experts are telling us this year is going to be a long hot summer & I have decided to believe them!

painted toe nails

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