Keeping your house super clean in 2019: But don’t forget these places too!

With a new year in full swing, you might be intending to keep your house nice and clean and tidy in 2019. Or at least push the vacuum around more than once a week. Most of us have a specific cleaning routine, whether that’s starting in the kitchen and scrubbing away at the hob or beginning in the bathroom and pulling on those thick rubber gloves. However you clean, or whenever you do it, everyone is guilty of missing a few important places. Places were germs and bacteria can thrive! Don’t believe me? Check out these places we always forget to clean, and make sure you add them to your cleaning schedule.

Your skirting boards

Yep. Those bits of wood that run around the edge of your rooms – if yours need replacing, check out for more information. They act as shelves for dust, dirt and grime. Leave it to build for a few weeks and it can look pretty unsightly. From now on, make sure you give them a quick dusting once a week – or every time you get the vacuum out. Otherwise you’ll end up on all fours doing a deep clean. And no one wants to spend a weekend doing that.

The bin

The kitchen bin, bathroom bin, bedroom bin. Regardless of which room it’s in, bins accumulate billions of germs, from spillages, sticky splodges and of course, from the flies that gather. You might be using bin bags, but the germs are still present, so make the effort to clean your bins out at least once a week. Use hot water and disinfectant to keep those horrible germs and bacteria at bay.

Door handles

The door handles in your home get touched quite a lot. Even just in one day! This means that germs and bacteria can quickly pass from person to person, and if someone in your household is ill then you’re all more likely to catch the illness. Giving the door handles in your home a quick wipe down with some disinfectant once a week should be enough to keep those germs from spreading. If someone in your house is poorly, then do it at least once a day.

Under the rug

Mother in law making an unexpected visit? We’re all guilty of pushing things under the rug before a guest arrives! But how many of us actually remember to retrieve the bits and bobs under the rug when they’ve left? All those bits soon add up, so make sure you’re moving the rug at least once a month to vacuum anything that might be lurking underneath.

Light fixtures

We’ve all knocked a light fixture and been showered with dust and grime. So, make sure you’re giving all the light fixtures in your home a quick dusting at least once a week. Treat yourself to an extendable feather duster if you don’t fancy climbing a step ladder. Don’t forget to wipe down your light switches too!

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