‘Just buy what you came in for’

Now that I’m a fully-fledged adult (!) I have to say I love a wander around a garden centre, something my husband is not so keen on…

Last weekend, with a few hours to spare, we headed off to our nearest local centre, with the plan to buy a few new fence panels

But these places are clever!  They know not to lead you straight to the boring garden necessities, instead they offer a slow, winding path through the ‘pretties’; Easter eggs & pastel coloured mini buckets for egg hunts, clever original greetings cards that you ‘must’ have, brighly coloured biscuit barrels & kitchen utensils that I suddenly need – and all surrounded by the welcoming smell of freshly baked cakes & coffee…

Basket in hand, filled with goodies, we make our way to the coffee shop.  Huge chucks of home made cake, crumbly shortbread & pots of tea & a whopping £15 later, we emerge the other side, so full that we can hardly walk the short distance to the pretty flower displays

I’m a sucker for flowers, not so good at growing them or even keeping them alive actually, but I love them just the same.  Balancing my basket & one sons hand, I reach for a pretty ready-made hanging basket that will look just right by our front door.  Hubby questions do we even have anything to hang it on? – of course, I reply

Moving even further on, we now head to the barbeque area.  Nevermind that we brought a new bbq only last year, hubby announces we need various new products, that we ‘really should’ buy today incase they run out when the weather picks up!

Finally we are at the outside area, filled with water features, decking & patio stones…we really must replace our patio this year, shall we work out a price now?!  No, hubby says, lets just find the fence panels we came in for…

Needless to say, they were out of stock!

Oh, & when we finally got home I realised that we also don’t have anywhere to hang the hanging basket, but we are now the proud owners of nearly £100 worth of new ‘pretties’…..!!! Oops!!!

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