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Jemma Kidd

Former fashion model Jemma Kidd is mum to two year old twins Mae and Darcy, is the founder of Jemma Kidd Make Up School and has her own make up range. She talks to us about how getting your look right is key to feeling good.


1. Wearing make-up is often the last thing on mums’ minds when they’re knee deep in purée and screaming toddlers, but if we make the effort it makes us feel so much better about ourselves doesn’t it?

Absolutely!  I believe that any woman should view make-up as a powerful tool that can be used to enhance her best features, give her confidence in the way she looks and let her inner beauty shine.

2. Many mums tend to get into the habit of not wearing make-up – especially if they’re at home and their children are small – what advice can you give mums who can’t find time?

Finding time to apply make-up can seem impossible when you’re juggling nappy changes, school runs, work and family.  But there are some time-saving skills and products that will help you to achieve beautiful make-up in less time:

– Choose ‘skintelligent’ light-reflecting formulations to hydrate, firm, brighten and reduce the visibility of fine lines.

– Colours are best kept neutral, soft and subtle and should enhance and flatter your complexion.

– For the most wearable look, textures should be neutral, too – neither too matte nor too dewy, although a light shimmer on the eyes has a brightening effect that will counteract tiredness – I like MAC Vanilla.

3. Can you suggest a simple beauty routine for mums?

A good skincare routine – both day and night – is the key to healthy, glowing skin.  Your twice-daily regime should be:

– Cleanse well (try Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish) and then moisturise.

– Exfoliate once or twice a week (with MAC Microfine Refinisher for instance), depending on the product.

– And then use an appropriate treatment mask – deep cleansing, hydrating, nourishing or calming – once or twice a month.

4. Any shortcuts to a lovely face?

A combination of clever techniques and multipurpose products make it easy for mums on the go to perfect a time-efficient day look:

– Well-groomed brows frame the face.  Keep them neat and tidy with a brow pencil, working from the arch outwards and then on the inner part if needed.  Go over the shape with a brow powder, which will soften the shape and make it last longer.

– If you have thin or sparse eyelashes, use an eyeliner to fill in any gap between the lashes and lightly dust them with powder in between coats of mascara to add volume.

– Use lipliner all over the lips, not just as an outline.  This will give a better finish and will hold your lipstick for longer.

5. Most of us have the same old way of doing our make-up. Any tips to shaking it up a bit?

Touch up your base as necessary and outline your eyes with a dark brown pencil.  Smooth out any creases on your eyeshadow with a cotton bud, then blend a little shimmer powder over the top and apply highlighter to the browbone.  Curl your lashes and add another coat of mascara.  Apply creamy lipstick in a deeper colour than your daytime gloss.

6. What colours for eye make-up are in?

Soft and natural:  For a soft, natural eye, try a slightly shimmering shadow in peach, beige or taupe.  Apply a fine line or eyeliner along the upper lash line and use a lengthening mascara for subtle definition.

Smokey:  The classic smoky eye uses two or three shades of grey eyeshadow, with a pale silvery base up to the browbone, mid grey in the socket crease and charcoal blending with the eyeliner at the lash line.

7. How to get the perfect blush?

For a natural flush, blend fresh pink crème blush onto the apple of your cheeks.  To prevent shine, then dust central cross of the face with translucent powder.

8. What are your 5 must-have beauty products for busy mums?

There are times when you rush out fresh-faced and natural, then later you wish you had brought a couple of products with you.  Here are my multitasking essentials that can transform your look with ease:

  1. Base:  Flawless skin is often best achieved with a ‘less is more’ approach, as thick foundation can often accentuate rather than mask
    Jemma Kidd Skin Rescue Bio-Complex Veil SPF15

    Jemma Kidd Skin Rescue Bio-Complex Veil SPF15

    imperfections. Jemma Kidd Skin Rescue Bio-Complex Veil SPF 15 is a light, breathable formulation for almost transparent coverage, to help even skin tone while allowing your skin to still show through – this sheer finish looks gorgeously natural alone, or provides the perfect base for foundation to give a long lasting, seamless finish.

  2. Concealer:  Use concealer to mask redness around the nose or chin and to cover up dark under eye circles.  I like Dior Skinflash.
  3. Jumbo Eye Crayons:  These creamy pencils are eyeshadow and eyeliner in one, and you don’t need brushes to apply them.  Draw a line at the lashes and blend up towards the socket with your finger.  You can then either colour a line just above the socket and smudge gently, or increase the intensity of colour at the lash line.
  4. Lip & Cheek Stain:  Unlike powder blush, this blends well on bare skin so there’s no need to carry translucent powder.  Paint a circle on the apple of your cheek and blend with your fingers for a natural flush.  It also gives a rosy, bee-stung pout to lips.
  5. Crème highlighter:  To take a look from day to night, a crème highlighter can be used on eyelids, under browbones, on the décolletage and even on the lips.

9. If you could give every mum who needs a confidence boost one thing – what would it be?

Learn how to apply make-up properly!  With body image at the forefront of today’s media-dominated world, it’s no surprise that a women’s perception of how she looks affects how she feels about other aspects of her life.  If a woman feels confident about the way she looks, everything seems rosy and more achievable.

Many women make the mistake of using make-up as a mask to hide behind, yet once you understand make-up and know how it works, you can easily learn how to bring out the best in your features to reveal your natural beauty.


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