It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog! What’s happened in my world? Well Christmas happened. With a whirlwind of last minute preparation, 11 for dinner and presents, presents and more presents for the girls, it went without a hitch! I brought a new dining table fairly last minute to check we could all fit round (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) I cleared the playroom a bit to make room for some of the mountains of toys! Then we finished the playroom getting the light shade and curtains up, so I actually have a finished room! The tree and decorations came and went and the house looked strangely empty for a while! So no big drama’s over Christmas really!

Christmas 15

What else has happened? Well the extension is getting there, the dining room and kitchen are almost finished just a few bits to sort, the bathroom downstairs just needs a mirror then it’s finished and that just leave the utility room, which has become a fantastic junk room full of washing, drying, piled clothes, boxes and just anything that I can hide! We need to get the rest of the house sorted now but one thing at a time.

My girls, well Bethany is getting bigger and more grown up by the hour! She has an answer for everything, loves the word no and is becoming a diva! Jess was born a diva, no is her favourite word too and she too is getting bigger! I have been told things get easier as they get older but at 5 years and 20 months I am waiting to see this! Christmas has thrown routine out as the girls had a few late nights and now think sleep is for wimps, making getting up for school and work great fun! What do you mean a yoghurt and biscuit in the car on the way to school isn’t the most nutritious breakfast ever!!!!

Girls Dec 15

Work has been super busy, lots going on, which I love! Nothing worse than a quiet office and the time going slowly, no chance of that happening here though!

What’s happening now and what to look forward to? We are all talking weight and health in the office and I think the time has come to officially diet. I need to lose a couple of stone and Christmas has not helped my cause so January is the time to actually make a bit of effort! I have had a bad back and have been using this as a great excuse not to get off my backside and do anything – but that time has come! I’ll let you know how I go.

New Year’s Resolutions, well mine are easy – Family and Friends, Fitness and Fun. Keeping in touch with my friends and getting myself healthier and happier, which I think is a great start to the year, let’s hope it continues!

I hope you all had a great festive period and I’d love to hear if you have any New Year resolutions or plans for the New Year.



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