So I have just had to take my little one to have her MMR2 and various other boosters. We had read a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse story about Goofy not wanting to go to the doctor and Daisy pretending to be a doctor to show him what might happen. When it comes to the injection part Mickey says he counts hot dogs and Goofy says he will count cupcakes. So with this in mind I took a couple of bags of sweets with me when it was time to go to the nurse for Bethany’s jabs.


We waited in the waiting room and I told her as she was such a big girl she had to have a check up but it was just with the nurse so we would be very quick. She wasn’t happy but came in with me. We read Where’s Wally in the waiting room and then her name was called. I have to confess my stomach lurched as her name was called and I thought to myself just 5 more minutes, but that would just prolong the agony so in we went! The nurse filled out her book, I opened the sweets and the lovely nurse told Bethany she was going to give her some medicine into her arm to make her big and strong. So Bethany sat on my lap and I held one arm as we then proceeded to count her strawberry sweets out. We counted 5 sweets for each arm and then it was all over and there were no tears or anything! I still felt sick but I told her what a brave girl she was and the nurse told her how lovely she was and how she could come back anytime as she was such a good girl.


So we walked out of the nurses office and Bethany said to me “mummy I don’t want to be big and strong!” Which I think is her way of saying I don’t want that to happen to me again! So she finished her sweets in the waiting room, put her coat on and we left. She was chatting to me as if nothing had happended I still feel sick from worrying about how she was going to be and if she would blame me for letting the nurse give her an injection! Just goes to show kids are more resiliant than we give them credit for and it is almost worse for the parents than it is for them! Except obviously we don’t get a needle stuck in each arm!

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