IVF – Does it really matter

So following Sally’s blog about her triplet’s and the fact she get’s asked all the time if they are a result of IVF or not, it got me thinking as I am potentially guilty of at least thinking that if not asking it out loud! But there is a reason.


I am 36 and I am pregnant with baby number two – I can honestly say how lucky I know I am as I fell pregnant with both my children very quickly and easily, so why would I think anyone else would need IVF? Well I know a lot of friends who have famillies or are thinking of having families who have not been so lucky.


I know of people who have lost children during pregnancy, child birth, or very soon after. I know people who have had multiples from IVF and I know people who have had singletons through IVF. I also know people who have been as lucky as me and fallen naturally with no mishaps along the way, but I have to say of all of my friends – I think I am in the minority!


So is it because a lot of us are having families later in life? Is there something in the food we eat, air we breath or water we drink? I don’t have an answer to any of this. All I know is no matter how any of us got our familes, through the good times and bad and all those heartache moments. It was worth it wasn’t it!


So next time you think about asking if a child is IVF or not maybe what you should think is it doesn’t actually matter how that child became a member of that family, aren’t they lucky to know what love is and to be looked after, as really when it comes down to it, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

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