It’s too early!

This is the 3rd morning in a row that one of my delightful children has woken at 5.30am!

‘Mummy, Mummy, it’s wakey time!’ screeching through the baby monitor…Urggh, turn the monitior off, they’re not babies anymore, surely we don’t need that on…???

The problem with having 2 children sleeping in the same room is that if one wakes, full of energy at silly o’clock, then it’s likely they will wake the other too…oh, yes, 2 children wide awake at 5-something in the morning is not what I wanted on a Saturday morning!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so earlier this week I finally ordered the GroClock I have had on my Amazon Wish List for some months now

First night, I set it up wrong; it has settings for night time & also daytime naps – oops!  The sun didn’t come up to shine that morning!

Second night, we read the short story that comes with the clock. The boys spent a good 20 minutes after lights out chatting about the animals in the story & the ‘shun shine’, with great excitement!  Excellent, thought hubby & I – they really understand this…it’s going to work…

Yes, you’ve guessed it already!  5.30am the next morning & the boys are awake, excitedly waiting for the sunshine…toddler conversations between themselves for the next hour before the sunshine makes an appearance!  Shrieks of joy follow while the clock face changes from blue star to yellow sun!  How are they so full of energy at this time in the morning?!

I am not not a morning person – mornings are ok in my books; I like to wake up, start the day & get things done in the morning.  I actually prefer mornings to afternoons; I feel lazy by the afternoon, slugish – no, mornings are definitely my thing, but not 5-something in the morning!  That’s not morning, its night time!  Pre-children, I had only seen that time when heading off to an airport for an early flight!  Or maybe if I’d had a late night & was only just heading home!

Pre-children, when friends said their kids woke up early, I just thought tell them to go back to bed or send them downstairs to watch tv – now I know only too well that its not that easy!  A 2 or 3 year old cannot make their own breakfast while you stay in bed; they want you with them!  They are loud in the morning – extra loud because they’ve been asleep for hours & have just remembered they have a voice! A very loud voice!  & they are immediately ready to take on the day – no slowly waking for them, its up & AWAKE!!!

Well, thats how its is in my house…I don’t want to hear if you have similar age children who sleep in – I don’t believe you!  Roll on the teenage years when you can’t do anything to get them out of bed!

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