It’s official: it’s cool to be ‘friends’ with Mum

Mums no longer bring the embarrassment factor to their children on Facebook, a study of under 35’s has revealed. Over half those taking part said they were “happy to add her” as a friend. Most questioned say that Facebook makes it much easier to keep in touch with Mum (56%), and that she worries less about them (31%) when using the social network. The older children get, the less embarrassed they are about having a Facebook mum, with 19% of under 18s saying adding Mum is just too embarrassing, compared to just 8% of 18-24s.

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Regional results 

Londoners were found to be the most embarrassed by their mums, with 40% refusing to add her and 37% stating that it was because they didn’t want her to know what they got up to with their friends, whilst living in the Big Smoke.  Those happiest to add their mums live in the North East of the UK, with a whopping 64% wondering what all the fuss is about, saying “why worry, my mum is great”.

The study of 1,000 Facebook users was commissioned by online fashion retailer bonprix in the run up to Mother’s Day.

What mums should avoid

A small proportion of under 35’s said that adding their mum was still embarrassing (13%) with just over half of those admitting that it was because they didn’t want her to know what they got up to in private. Only 18% said that they added Mum even though they didn’t really want to, with some concerned (25%) that she would continually “post embarrassing comments” on their Facebook profile. Some respondents even admitted the worst thing their mum had ever done on Facebook: “tagging and sharing baby photos”, “posting sexy photos of herself”, and in one case even commenting on a status update of their teenage daughter’s ex-boyfriend. However, these are only a minority as most say their mums have never been embarrassing on Facebook.

Victoria Green, Brand Manager at bonprix says: “In the run-up to Mother’s Day we wanted to celebrate that children love their mums and are happy to also have them as Facebook friends.

“Our Facebook community consists of many women who are very proud to be mothers. Mums are savvy on the Internet when it comes to shopping and finding great offers online. However, when it comes to interacting with their children on Facebook there’s certainly a little room for improvement.”

The results of the survey have been collected to create a personality quiz where women can find out what type of Facebook mum they are, along with some guidance for all mums on how to stay cool on social media.

Bonprix is an online retailer offering affordable fashion.

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