It’s a girl!

Sorry for not sharing sooner – but these babies take up lots of time and they don’t sleep through the night, which I knew but WOW I’d forgotten!

So on Saturday 3rd May I was proved completely wrong! My prediction of a boy weighing 8lb born on the 1st of May was proven to be completely and utterly wrong when Jessica May Mills was born at 9.45am.


The birth was OK – I’ll save the gory details for another blog! But her temperature was a bit on the low side so they kept us in for a while – a while being in at 8am born 9.45 was due out at 3 but actually came out at 6. So I got a couple of weeks of maternity leave. I had a lovely mum to be massage. I got a few bits sorted like the car insurance renewal and the washing up to date. There wasn’t much time or energy left to deal with much in the 3 hours between dropping my 3 year old off at nursery and picking her up! But I got a few bits up to date and ready, although I didn’t wash a single pink thing or get anything girlie ready at all as I was so convinced I was having a boy.

Why was I so convinced? Well I felt different this pregnancy, I have been very lucky throughout both not to have sickness or heartburn or any other nasties, but I just felt more sick and different. I thought my tummy was hairier than usual (blonde hair but harrier than usual). I was carrying at the front and high which people kept telling me meant it was a boy, and also years ago I saw a psychic who told me I would have one of each and I think that added to my conviction. We didn’t even have a girl’s name sorted! If Jessica had been a boy she would have been called Oliver David Ronald Mills Oliver was our chosen name David linked the important men in my life – it is my husband and my brothers middle name and it is my dad’s first name so would have linked them all, and lastly Ronald which was my late granddad’s name. When it came to girl’s names we had discussed Jessica but had no middle name sorted. So we discussed various options in our room in the ABC and as we were looking for a short name, she was born in May and I had an Auntie May in the family. It just kind of came together.

jessica 2

We came home on the Saturday evening, mum brought Bethany back and we all just started with bedtime routine with two girls and sterilising bottles and doing all the things you do with a new-born. So since then we have been getting up to do the night feeds, John has been on paternity leave so he has been doing the nursery run whilst I have been trying to get a bit of sleep, but as of next week I have to do the night feeds and get up for the nursery run, not sure I’m looking forward to that! But Hey I’ll let you know how I get on.

So that is my news, I’ll keep you posted on how things go and I’ll be sure to fill you in on the birth story soon too. It’s 8.20pm so past my bedtime! Night x

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