Isobella’s Last Request, Laura Lawrence

“It’s been two weeks Isabella. How can you love him? This is going to be another Stuart again.’
I actually feel like I’ve just ripped her heart out. I hate to see her like this, but I feel as her best friend and sister figure, I should try and keep her grounded.”

Olivia and her best friend Isabella are travelling the world completing their bucket list of 100 things to do before you die. The reason being that Isabella is seriously ill and doesn’t know how much longer she has left.

Will they manage to complete their list in time or will they get distracted by cute boys and tourist spots? Join them on their mission and feel their strong friendship shine through at the hardest times.

Publisher: Laura Lawrence

Reviewer: Kate Beeden

Isabella’s Last Request is a touching, emotive book. Best friends Olivia and Isabella are struggling to accept that Isabella is dying.  However, the young women are determined to enjoy the time they have left together and  make a  ‘bucket list’.  As they set off to try and fulfil their dreams, Olivia and Isabella learn about life, love and the world.  From once in a lifetime experiences to cheeky sexual liaisons, the list takes the girls on both a physical and emotional journey. I enjoyed the whistlestop tour around the globe taking in major tourist destinations and sights, and found Isabella’s Last Request to be an entertaining read.  I loved that the girls were portrayed as having such a tightknit relationship and I admit to a lump in my throat as the story came to a close.  The only real negative for me was that some parts of the book moved too quickly and I would have liked more detail, particularly about some of the travels in Europe.

Laura Lawrence has created a book that will make you want to hold your best friend tight and tell her how much you love her.  It reminded me a bit of Beaches, but with younger characters and is a stark reminder that we should cherish every moment.  I’d recommend it to fans of ‘weepies’ and anyone who enjoys New Adult/Chicklit fiction.

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