Is it a girl or a boy?

Our 20 weeks scan is early December and we need to decide if we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter if we have a girl or boy, if we get a girl then we have everything we could possibly need and are completely prepared (well as you ever can be when your having a new baby!) If we have a boy then we have one of each and we have our “perfect” family unit. We didn’t find out with our first child, and I was excited and curious but I didn’t want to find out.

So why is it this time that the thought of waiting for 20 weeks is torture! So our daughter is moving into the bigger room so the nursery is already done, we have white babygrows from when our first baby was born so we don’t need to buy lots of things. So why am I so curious this time?

I even think that not knowing helped me get through the birth last time. My husband doesn’t want to know and he says it diesn’t matter which flavour we get!There is one good reason to find out,and that is deciding on a name. My husband is a teacher so every name I suggest reminds him of a child some good and some bad, but deciding on a name hasn’t been easy! So If we ind out we can narrow our choices by half!

I think I will be really cross with myself if I do find out as I love surprises, but I am feeling so undecided and so curious at the moment that the wait feels like forever away! So I’d love to hear if you found out? A lot of people I have spoken to found out with their second child, so I wondered why it seems more common for the second child and not the first? Help me decide as right now Ican’t make a decision!!!!!

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