Inamo Sushi Making for Kids

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Reviewed by: Jo and daughter Olivia (aged 10)



We’re opening Inamo’s exclusive masterclasses to our younger fans. Enter the dojo of our expert Sashimi Senseis for a session of hands-on sushi making and fun, and begin your training as a Nigiri Ninja!

Kids learn to make 2 maki rolls with our sushi master (10 pieces of sushi to eat or take home)

Tour of the Inamo St James kitchen for kids & adults led by our head chef

Sessions cost £17.50 for one child, £15 when booking for 2+ children

What we say:  “As two major sushi fans we had high expectations for our sushi lesson and we weren’t disappointed.  The restaurant is easy to find, a 5 minute walk from Piccadilly Circus tube. Friendly staff greeted us and we were shown to the restaurant where the lesson takes place.  We were offered complimentary tea, coffee or water to drink while we waited for the rest of the children to arrive.  There was a little wait but this wasn’t a problem as we had the tables to keep us occupied!  Inamo have interactive tables where you can order food and drinks, and they have the added bonus of a games section with the likes of battleships, puzzles, memory games and various other single or two player games.  Adults were given the choice to go off and enjoy the shopping or stay and watch.

The class started and the children were all greeted by Sensei John and taken off to wash their hands.  They then had a tour of the kitchen and were told all about food health and safety and they got to meet the chefs who were preparing for lunch.  Sensei Ronald joined the children and their class got underway.

sushi 5

Each child had their own sushi station which was set up with everything they would need to make the perfect maki roll.  The children were kept involved as they learnt about the ingredients and the names of the sushi they would be making. They were then shown how to make a maki roll and this was great as John would explain each step then Ronald would show them. It wasn’t rushed and they were mindful of the ages of the children so they was no confusion and the kids were confident that they could make the sushi.

sushi 2

The children were then let loose and all had a great time.  They could choose which ingredients they wanted to add to the maki and the two Sensei were on-hand to help them if they got stuck.  They were kept entertained throughout and were allowed to make more sushi if they had time.

sushi 4

At the end of the two hour lesson the children were given the choice of eating the sushi in the restaurant or to have it boxed to take home.  They were then all presented with a certificate to say that they’d completed a sushi course and there were plenty of opportunities for photographs!

sushi 1

You are then welcome to stay and eat at the restaurant, where you get a 15% discount for lunch following the class.  We did and the food was great. The waitresses were helpful if you had any questions and were still had our interactive tables to play with while waiting for the food to arrive.

The classes are open to children aged 7 – 16 years old and we had a wide range of ages and they all seemed to have a great time.  The Sensei helped the younger ones of they wanted more assistance.

Olivia had so much fun and even asked whether this was an option for her next birthday party!  She would definitely recommend training as a Nigiri Ninja!  As one of two adults who stayed during the course I was made to feel welcome and they were all very happy for me to take photos throughout.  I just wanted to get involved and make sushi, but that will have to wait for the evening class I’ve booked myself onto later in the year!”


To find out more about Inamo Kids Sushi Classes click here or visit

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  1. Jon claro says:

    I would like to thank you for this wonderful review, and hopefully you’ll come and visit INAMO once again and it’s truly great to hear you had a wonderful sushi experience with the kids at Inamo St James.
    Thank you
    Jon Claro
    Exec. Chef Inamo

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