Identity, Kitty Fitzgerald

What is it about the woman who lives opposite her that obsesses Beth? And why does she seek revenge for her own wrecked life? A maze of psychiatric institutions and social workers finally place her back in the community, in isolation. In a series of flashbacks, Beth reviews some of the events in her life and tries to find a solution to her loneliness. But things take a fatal turn. Fitzgerald cleverly blends elements of a traditional thriller with the lives of women under pressure.

Emma Says:

This was good – a very interesting (if not disturbing at times) insight into the mind of a very mentally disturbed lady….exciting, eerie and powerful

One Response to Identity, Kitty Fitzgerald

  1. Wendy says:

    A very good read. This is a very socially and psychologically aware novel whose troubled central character is well observed. Makes you think and feel.

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