I have a Kitchen


So this build has gone on for AGES! It is boring even me talking about it, but finally, finally I can say I have a kitchen! It has working appliances, a tiled bit in the middle and the worktop now has the sticky protective covering removed!


We have had the units in for ages and even had a working cooker but we were waiting for the tiling to be done and until then, we left the protective cover on the work top. This therefore meant we would prepare food in the utility room, take into the kitchen, cook and then take back into the utility room. This was not fun! Especially before the sink was plumbed in and we had to go to the bathroom to wash things or fill the kettle! Anyway as of Monday we have a fully functioning almost finished kitchen!


We have even emptied the lounge of most things kitchen and put them in cupboards and put the dining table into the extension. It is beginning to feel like home again! The girls love their little playroom – which again is nearly done. So now we need to do some finishing bits in the extension and then we can decorate the lounge. There is light at the end of the very long tunnel!



I can’t wait to write the smug blog…. My house is finished. My worry is with John and his dad doing bits of decorating part time now the builders are done, that blog may be a long way off!!!!!


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