Hungry Hungry Herd

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This Hungry Hungry Herd game is the new version of the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos game, updated with four new animals from Zynga’s Farmville.  These animals have favourite foods but they will eat anything in this game. It’s a fast and furious game. When it begins, you must lever your hungry farm animals to chomp as many balls as they can. If your animal eats the most, you win!

For between 2 to 4 players.

Suitable for age 4+ .

Reviewed by Sally, mum to Evie (7) and Marcie (4)


What Sally thought….

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long?

 Yes,  for around 20 minutes.

Was it what they were expecting?


Is the toy aimed at the right age group?


 Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking?

Yes although sometimes the tails got stuck

Additional comments

It’s a classic game like Hungry Hippos. Fast and Fun!


What Evie (7) and Marcie (4) thought…

What’s your favourite thing about the toy?

“I like being able to choose which animal to play with”.

Would you tell your friends to play with the toy?


Is there anything you don’t like about the toy?

“The tails sometimes stick down because you are going so fast

MARK OUT OF 10:  6

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