How to hold a great Halloween party

So Halloween is a great time for kids to get dressed up and have some fun. If you are looking to have a party for Halloween this year here are some top tips for party games, food and must haves to help your party go with a bang or should that be a Boooo!


Setting the scene

There is no such thing as too tacky when it comes to a good Halloween party! From fake spiders webs complete with spiders, skulls, cauldrons, pumpkins and skeletons the more the merrier! These are readily available from supermarkets, pound shops and online at companies such as


Trick or treat

You need a cauldron or pumpkin to collect your bounty in, these are available from various outlets here are a couple of our favourites:

Gets the sweets in!

I know we like to try and find healthy alternatives some of the time, but Halloween isn’t really the time to get away with this! There are some great chocolate lollies and scary shapes chocolates and jellies out there in department stores, supermarkets and high street stores alike.


The party food

Firstly there are lots of bowls, table clothes, cups etc to give the party a bit of extra atmosphere. these are available again from supermarkets, online and high street stores alike. Here are a couple of our favourites

But a bit of imagination can make the food look weird and wonderful too, from food colouring to cutting food into scary shapes you can really make the party food look the part! Pizza can easily be cut into spooky shapes, the odd plastic spider on the crisps, cranberry juice and lemonade can make a scary looking drink and a bit of food colouring in the cup cakes can turn them into all sorts of scary masterpieces.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous we have some great recipes for Halloween


Party games

From traditional apple bobbing to guess the ghoulish guest there are so many to choose from! We have put together our list of favourite games to play


Family fun

With a few decorations, costumes, party food and games you can turn your house into a ghoulish lare, just add children, a bit of music and sit back and watch your party take off! Why not invite the parents too and get them dressed up – you can make a devilish punch (just for the grown ups)  and enjoy the party as much if not more than the kids!


We hope you have been inspired to create a witches cavern in your home this year, and if so we would love to see some pictures! Please send them to

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