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Ever looked in the mirror and thought your face looks a bit like a dry piece of leather? I have! I’ve often caught a glimpse of myself after a sleepless night and been really quite horrified at the reflection. By Make Up Artist and mum of two, Lucy Baker.

Dry and tired skin needs a little bit of love and you can get that polished and refreshed look if you follow a decent skincare routine – and it needn’t be an expensive one.

Lucy Baker

There are an enormous amount of skincare products on the market and shopping for that ‘effective’ product can be really baffling and exhausting, especially if you have screaming children hanging off your legs or fighting to get out of the buggy – which is usually the case when I go shopping. I have recently worked out (after 2 years of being a Mummy) that shopping online is the answer and as a professional Make-up Artist I know what to buy, and I’m here to help you!

  • Drink Water

Yes I know it’s boring, yes it’s hard to find the time to drink a pint of water every couple of hours but it really does plump up the skin and freshen up the face.

  • Get a Muslin Cloth

    Cleanse & Polish, Liz Earle, £12.75

No – not the type covered in sick flung over your shoulder! This one’s to clean your face and is smaller, finer cotton and designed to use with a cleanser or mild facial wash.

My absolute favourite cleanser to date is Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish – Hot Cloth Cleanser and this comes with its very own pretty muslin cloth.  It costs around £24 for a bottle that will last 6 months and it buffs and sparkles the skin in just 2 minutes flat! It also takes off stubborn mascara and all make-up which means it’s good as your morning and night cleanser too.  It gently, gently exfoliates the skin and the muslin cloth buffs away any dead skin cells – leaving you with the skin of a 20 year old… what’s not to like?

  • Use Gentle Products

You may have realised I used the word gently twice a moment ago and I did this for a reason, my other key to good glowing skin is to use gentle skincare products.  If, like me, you suffer from the odd spot – do not squeeze it and do not attack it with lots of alcohol based spot lotions and potions.

Alcohol is in loads of beauty products but it aggravates and distresses the skin. Next time you look in your bathroom cabinet read some of the labels, I bet a lot of your potions contain alcohol.

My advice as a Make-up Artist, who luckily gets to work with real women and to look and assess real skin minus the make-up, is to cleanse, tone and moisturise with gentle products that nourish the skin and to throw the harsh alcohol based products into the bin.

Extremely Gentle Cleanser, Avene, £8


I love the French range Avene, made from thermal spring water, which as you may have guessed is … gentle. Avene’s Extremely Gentle Cleanser is lovely and around £8 from Boots.

The other gentle range lots of Make-Up Artists love is Cetaphil.  They make moisturisers, moisturisers with SPF and cleansers that are recommended by dermatologists for people all ages and skin types. I like the non-perfumed formulas and although the packaging looks a bit clinical these products work and they are around the £10 mark. Check out their Gentle Skin Cleanser.


Toning soothes the skin, tightens the pores and prepares the skin for moisturiser. I really love the Liz Earle ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic’ as it’s alcohol free and a decent price for a semi-premium product (£12.50). I also love Avene’s ‘Gentle Toner’ (around £11) and I always wait for the 3-for-2 offers to be on at Boots so that I can snap up a few of them for myself and for my professional kit.

Lait-Creme Concentrate, Embyolisse, £17


Moisturiser is a confusing subject in terms of what to buy, people generally know how to use it, but there are so many products out there claiming different things it can be confusing.  My all time favourite moisture cream is ‘Lait-Creme Concentrate’ by Embryolisse which retails at about £17 .  It is a firm favourite of Make-up Artists and as it can double as a face primer it means a MUA has to carry less.  I use this cream on myself morning and night as it is non-greasy, easily absorbed and it dries perfectly matte so that the skin is never shiny with or without make-up. I recommend this product all the time and have never had a bad review back about it.

So follow these three tips for glowing skin:  Water.  Muslin Cloth.  Gentle, and no one will know if you feel tired and worn out, all they will see is youthful and radiant skin!

Lucy Baker is a 36 year old mummy to 2 little girls. She trained as a Make-up Artist eight years ago after an unfulfilling career in magazine publishing and has painted faces ever since. She finds her freelance career works well with being a Mummy. 




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